Welding services

Welding services

We can do all your welding work

Our company provides a highly diverse and efficient pool of welding services that align with any of your welding requirements


Let us build your cabinets

according to the latest Industry standards

We design and assemble high-performance low-voltage cabinets according to the latest industry standards. Our company produces both customized and series-produced products

Powder coating

Powder coating

We provide high quality powder coating subcontracting work

Due to the process your parts are protected and highly scratch resistant. Up to 8000x2500x2500. Sandblasting services to ensure good adhesion. Fast delivery!

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services

We can do all your laser cutting work

2500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine. Laser Cutting Center/Working Range: 1525 mm x 3050 mm x 100 mm. Rotary table for tube lasering

Machine assembly

Machine assembly

Subcontract your machine assembly to us

Our mechanical assembly capabilities can be unlimited based on the strategic operating goals of our customers

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